• Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, The Science of Man
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A study of the energy of mind over matter - tachion energy. This book reveals the sectrets of the mystery schools and introduces the reader to the science of transmutation and levitation. In this unique, startling, and ground-breaking book, you will discover:
  • The meaning of the ark of the covenant: the link between man and the creator.
  • The purpose of ley lines and ancient megalithic power points.
  • Pyramids, medicine wheels, and obelisks are antennas into the intricate electromagnetic grid that surrounds the earth. * How the pyramid functions as a capacitor unit in the world grid so that humanity could have inexpensive energy.
  • An explanation of vortex energy which we call standing columnar wave/solitron energy.
  • The secret of the knowledge of light -- tachion energy.
  • he law of vibration: the secret of healing.
  • The wisdom of the temple of sacrifice and the temple of beauty -- Saqqara and Cahokia.
  • How the ancients used the art of levitation.
  • The secrets of Nikola Tesla's coil, energy and Viktor Schauberger's vortex energy.

Titel Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, The Science of Man
Författare Dean Hardy, Mary Hardy, Marjorie Killick & Kenneth Killick
ISBN-13 9780932298584
Förlag Delta-K Products
Utgivningsår 1987
Bandtyp Häftad
Sidantal 366
Språk Engelska
Vikt (g) 627
Skick Mycket gott
Cirkapris i handeln (kr) 300

Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, The Science of Man

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